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This yummy DIY Doughnut & Coffee Bar shoot comes just in time for the cool fall weather. Many thanks to The Bride Link for featuring our teacups, dessert plates, dinner plates & vintage glass goblets.

As always, using teacups in new adorably- fun ways is always a great way to make your guest giddy!

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DIY Doughnut and Coffee Bar

Whether you’re having a bridesmaids brunch or want to have something different at your cocktail hour for your guests to enjoy while you’re finishing up those last few photos; this DIY tutorial is for you! Doughnuts and coffee are usually reserved for quiet Sunday mornings but they’re perfect for a bridal brunch, wedding day brunch, or even at your evening reception.

We’ve put together a few tips of how to create a fabulous (and delicious!) doughnut and coffee bar below. 

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5 DIY Tips for a Doughnut & Coffee Bar

1. Keep the coffee simple – You can’t please everyone, so keep your coffee options to a minimum.  Choose one or two types of coffee; a light roast and a dark roast are always good contrasting options.  If you know that you have an attendee that would prefer decaf coffee then you can always add it as a third option.  It’s much easier to give your guests options when it comes to toppings instead of hot coffee choices!

2. Provide fun toppings –  Your guests can always grab a fresh cup of coffee at Starbucksanytime, but you want to give them an experience! Provide fun toppings and encourage them to experiment with the flavors – We used mocha chunks, caramel, and cream for our station but the possibilities are endless.  You can also use flavored creamers and seasonal items such as candy canes and chocolate spoons to give a different flair.

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3. Don’t be boring – Don’t use the box the doughnuts came in – provide fun containers for the sweets! We displayed the teacups on cedar disks and placed the doughnut holes in a tall wire basket.  The coffee ad-ins were put in mini mason jars and we also added a few raw coffee beans to some other mini jars to complement the setup.

4. Customize it – Play around with the toppings before the event and write down your favorites on mini chalkboards at the station to give guests an idea of combinations.  Encourage them to write down their favorite combo’s to share and have a contest to name the combinations.

5. Favors – Send the guests home with a mini doughnut or a to-go coffee.  These items are fairly easy to prepare and the to-go doughnuts can be completed before the event.  Small favor boxes with a single doughnut and a simple ribbon make for a sweet treat to take home.   If you’re providing to-go cups for coffee make sure you make those special as well. Provide Sharpies for the guests to draw on their cups or you can write individual messages to each attendee for a sweet and southern personal touch.  

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